Primus Elite improves situational awareness for Legacy pilots

Embraer’s Legacy has a reputation for luxury, reliability, performance and value. When combined with the latest avionics suite, Honeywell’s Primus® Elite, the aircraft is in a league of its own.

Primus Elite features new LCD technology with wide angle visibility that delivers unprecedented clarity and functionality for pilots and the latest version of RNP 03/VNAV which improves access to busy or difficult terrain airports while also enhancing safety.

The SmartRunway®/SmartLanding® component of Primus Elite, meanwhile, increases safety by improving situational awareness for pilots during approach, landing, taxi and take off.

Captain Judson Menezes is a demonstration/instructor pilot for Embraer and he has experience of operating aircraft equipped with both Primus Elite and the Legacy’s original avionics suite.

“I flew the Primus 1000 and the Primus Elite improves on that product,” he said. “What becomes readily evident to me is the situation awareness benefits that come through the capability of having charts and maps on board for taxiing. It’s very nice to see exactly where you are.
“A very useful tool for us is the FANS 1A package. It includes CPDLC and other functions that make the crossings and longer haul flights more manageable by reducing the pilot workload.
“So what does this mean to the Legacy 650 pilot? It’s just easier. I think that overall it’s a well-accepted package. The LCD screens are well liked versus the original ones and it’s a pretty intuitive package. It’s nice to operate.”

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