Ovation Select installation delights Global Jet’s VIP customers

Ovation Select installation delights Global Jet’s VIP customers

October 20, 2015

Executive jet management and charter company Global Jet, which has just celebrated its 15th anniversary, selected a new cabin management system for a 2000-build Bombardier Global Express jet that had recently been added to its fleet.

After a “deep market survey”, the company chose Honeywell’s state-of-the-art Ovation Select solution, which was successfully installed by Jet Aviation in Geneva.

Ovation Select has already proven itself to be a versatile and intuitive system that has been well received by passengers traveling on the aircraft.


Global Jet provides executive charter flights and manages a fleet of over 60 aircraft for private and commercial operations.

This includes more than 20 different types of Airbus, Challenger, Embraer, Global Express, Gulfstream and Learjet aircraft, ensuring that the company can meet all passenger requirements in terms of capacity, facilities and range.

The company describes its service as being “for people who know what they want, and are accustomed to getting it” and its 500 specialists focus on ensuring that Global Jet’s VIP customers’ expectations are met before, during and after their flight.

Business Need

Since the newly-acquired Global Express first entered service in 2001, technology has advanced and so the cabin entertainment system no longer met the levels of luxury and functionality demanded by many of today’s executive jet passengers.

To bring the aircraft up to Global Jet’s high standard, it recognized that it would need to update the cabin, replacing the obsolete system with a solution that would deliver the latest in connectivity and entertainment for the company’s executive and VIP customers.

The aircraft travels frequently throughout Europe and to destinations further afield, such as the United States of America.

While in the air, executives need to keep in touch with their colleagues and business partners on the ground and, when relaxing, they and their guests on board want to be able to watch high definition videos and listen to music in surround sound.

Global Jet also wanted crew and passengers to be able to control the heating and lighting using touchscreen units that would be integrated into the side ledges, seats and galleys.

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