Engine protection program provides peace of mind for the University of Notre Dame

March 23, 2015

University’s aerospace research and development plans underwritten by Honeywell solution

When the University of Notre Dame was donated a Falcon 10 business jet to enable ground-breaking aerospace research and development, it needed to minimize its exposure to the potential cost of unscheduled repairs on the aircraft’s two turbofan engines.

Building on a close and longstanding relationship with its South Bend, Indiana neighbors, Honeywell Aerospace developed a new end of life protection program, through which it will provide maintenance for the Falcon 10's engines at no-cost to the university.

In exchange for this full service coverage, the university will transfer ownership of the two engines to Honeywell at the end of six years, or 545 flying hours, whichever comes first.

This commercially attractive solution provides peace of mind for the university and underwrites Honeywell’s ongoing commitment to aerospace research and development – and to a valued and respected neighboring academic institution.

“We really appreciated the fact that Honeywell went out of its way to come up with an arrangement that will enable us to get the maximum value out of this very generous donation.” said Jeff Arnold, director of corporate relations, University of Notre Dame.

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