Primus Elite improves safety and flexibility for Legacy 600 operator

Avangard Aviation is one of Germany’s leading private jet management and charter businesses.

New out of the factory in December 2012, Avangard Aviation’s Legacy 600 is regularly chartered to fly in and out of Moscow, taking business and leisure passengers throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The aircraft has a reputation for luxury, reliability, performance and value. When combined with Honeywell’s Primus Elite avionics suite, the Legacy is in a league of its own.

Since taking delivery of its Legacy 600, Avangard Aviation has been steadily adding additional Primus Elite features and updates in the cockpit, fitted during routine maintenance at its own facility in Baden-Baden.

These updates include new LCD technology with wide angle visibility that delivers unprecedented clarity and functionality for pilots and the latest version of RNP 03/VNAV which improves access to busy or difficult terrain airports while also enhancing safety.

The SmartRunway/SmartLanding component of Primus Elite, meanwhile, increases safety by improving situational awareness for pilots during approach, landing, taxi and take off.

"The quality of the new displays and their increased processing power make them much easier to use," said Daniel Hohlfeld, technical director, Avangard Aviation. “They’re eye friendly and the imagery is much sharper, which is great for pilots.

"We are also getting lots of positive feedback about the combination of the lateral and vertical flight path elements to the autopilot, which again is a real help for crews – and opens up more destinations for our customers."


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