Falcon 50EX owner sees the benefits of Honeywell Ovation Select

Falcon 50EX owner sees the benefits of Honeywell Ovation Select

June 24, 2015

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Albinati Aeronautics is a Geneva-based business aviation company that, along with its Maltese sister company Albinati Aviation Ltd, provides a range of services including aircraft management and maintenance supervision.

The owner of a Falcon 50EX under its care was looking to replace the ageing cabin in its aircraft with a new state-of-the-art system.

Albinati Aeronautics needed to identify a suitable solution that would provide the ability for passengers to display slide shows on the cabin monitors and to listen to music.

It also needed to be easy to use by families of the company executives who sometimes travel on board and be compatible with Apple iPhones and iPads.

Albinati Aeronautics recommended Honeywell’s Ovation Select and supervised the completion of work by Duncan Aviation in the United States.

“The system is very friendly and easy to use,” said Fabien Rousse, Continuing Airworthiness Coordinator, Albinati Aeronautics.

 That’s one of the reasons why we selected it – you don’t need a manual to use it. You don’t need to be a specialist of entertainment systems to use it, so it’s easy to use for the entire family.

“The owner is very happy with Ovation Select and the fact that you can connect your iPhone and iPad to it. It’s a nice system."

“Even when kids are travelling on board, they can connect their phone or their tablet to the system and watch videos or listen to music. It’s really convenient and really friendly.”