Pegasus Airlines and its passengers see the benefits of IntuVue RDR 4000

Low-cost carrier Pegasus Airlines identified the limitations of traditional weather radar systems and decided to invest in state-of-the-art technology for its fleet of 43 Boeing 737-800s.

After evaluating the market, it became the European launch customer for Honeywell’s IntuVue™ RDR-4000, the only automatic system that produces a 3D, 180 degrees display of weather from the ground up to 60,000 feet and up to 320 nautical miles ahead of the aircraft.

“I am very experienced using the RDR-4000 weather radar,” said Pegasus Airlines’ Captain Cem Alkan. “When I was a first officer, about three years ago, we were trying to land at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport in significant weather conditions.

“There was a build up just at the beginning of the final approach fix which made it hard to establish on the ILS.

“Since we were using RDR-4000 we looked down to 3,000 feet, the platform altitude for establishing on the glide slope, and because of the system we examined the weather and could see it was satisfactory to continue the approach for landing. Other aircraft were holding.

“If you look at the statistics we can easily see that lightning strikes and hail strikes are diminished more than we expected.

“By enabling better planning to avoid weather, it increases flight safety, enhances passenger comfort, reduces the time and cost of aircraft inspections and delivers fuel savings. That’s why we recommend RDR-4000 to all airlines.”

Download the whole story as a PDF here.


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