Fast Tracked APU Inspection Enables Sunrise Jets to Complete Citation Sale

When Sunrise Jets of Long Island was trying to complete the sale of a Cessna Citation 560XLS, a routine pre-purchase inspection suggested that there was foreign object damage (FOD) to the impeller in the airplane’s Honeywell auxiliary power unit (APU).

As a result, Sunrise faced the potential loss of the deal – and a repair bill of up to $300,000 – but Honeywell stepped in with a fast track inspection of the impeller by its expert technicians.

Within 48 hours Honeywell had delivered a detailed report diagnosing standard wear to the impeller blades. The report was accepted by the Citation’s buyers, rescuing the deal and avoiding significant financial loss.

“I just really needed Honeywell’s help to complete the inspection as fast as possible, in the hope that we could save the deal and prevent a major financial loss,” said Bob Cappellano, vice president of aircraft maintenance, Sunrise Jets.

“We shared the Honeywell report with our buyers, and on that basis they were happy to complete the deal with just $25,000 kept in escrow while the standard repair to the impeller was carried out.

“As you can imagine we were delighted with this outcome. It’s impossible to overstate just how important this was to our company.

“Honeywell went out of the box to support me when I needed it desperately and the effort on our behalf will be remembered and appreciated for a long time.”

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