Vibration Monitoring Technology Reduces Helicopter Maintenance Costs

Vibration Monitoring Technology Reduces Helicopter Maintenance Costs

March 12, 2014

Formed in 1973, Sharkey’s Helicopters is a midsized company based at Lebanon Municipal Airport in Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA.

Specializing in Bell JetRangers, LongRangers and 407s, and all Enstrom models, Sharkey’s offers charter services and flight instruction with its own fleet of seven aircraft as well as selling parts and providing helicopter maintenance. To ensure this high level of customer service and to remain competitive, Sharkey’s puts great emphasis on the reliability of its maintenance services.

Supporting this, the company uses the latest and most efficient technology to ensure reliability and safety, particularly as it relates to critical vibration analysis.

Using Honeywell’s Zing Test Carry-On VXP vibration analysis and control system and the Vibrex 2000 vibration analysis and balancing tool on the more sophisticated Bell 407 and multi-bladed, composite helicopters brings many benefits. For customers, the system’s rigorous testing increases flight safety and saves money by prolonging the life of engine and drive components.

Company president Roger Sharkey says that the Honeywell VXP is easy to use and delivers a healthy return on investment. “If you’re a busy shop you can pay for it in a year,” he said. “Even if you’re not a busy shop, I can’t see how you couldn’t pay for it in three years at the most.”

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