Honeywell technology improves runway safety

Honeywell technology improves runway safety

January 10, 2014

Emirates Airline has grown from modest beginnings to become the largest airline in the Middle East and a globally influential travel and tourism conglomerate. The carrier’s growth relies on a constant commitment to increase safety and control cost, so runway incursions and excursions are major concerns.

Emirates and Honeywell joined forces in the development, testing and certification of two new safety solutions, SmartLanding and SmartRunway, and both are now in use across the airline’s fleets of Airbus 330, A340 and Boeing 777 aircraft.

SmartLanding helps prevent hard or long landings by alerting pilots if the aircraft is approaching the runway too high, too fast or is not properly configured. SmartRunway improves situational awareness and reduces the likelihood of runway incursions by providing positional advisories and graphical alerts to crew members during taxi, takeoff, final approach, landing and rollout.

“Emirates is a great fan of these systems,” said Captain Alan Stealey, divisional senior vice president, flight operation, Emirates. “We have got a suite of systems from Honeywell which enhance our safe operation.”

Emirates is now reviewing its SOPs and is likely to bring in a mandated ‘go around’ for any approaches that do not meet its criteria. It is also working with Honeywell on future developments that will go even further to ensure flight safety.

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