Bristow Group Uses Sky Connect Tracking System to Manage Fleet

Bristow Group Uses Sky Connect Tracking System to Manage Fleet

January 4, 2014

Bristow Group is the largest provider of helicopter services to the global offshore energy industry.

To ensure the safety of its passengers, the company equips its helicopters with advanced technologies and identified offshore communications as a vital area – especially as its flights often operate in bad weather out of reach of VHF radio reception.

Bristow wanted a system that would provide a complete view of where its fleet was operating at any given time and found the answer in Honeywell’s Sky Connect Tracking System.

A complete solution that helps helicopter operators more effectively manage their fleets, Sky Connect Tracking System uses the Iridium satellite network’s voice, tracking and messaging functions to deliver mission management capabilities that improve operations.

Glenn Oldbury is Bristow’s chief training captain at the airline’s base in Aberdeen, Scotland.

“This satellite-based communication gives us reliable and robust beyond line of sight voice and data communication which isn’t disrupted by adverse weather and which only costs a few cents for each data message we send,” he said.

“It is reassuring to know that, through the tracking functionality, our team on the ground is given a circle of probability in case of an in-flight emergency.

“The information also helps our operations team reduce downtime of the aircraft. They can see if minor repairs are needed before the next flight and have engineers and spare parts waiting for the helicopter when it lands.”

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