Poland’s armed forces find their way with Honeywell

WZE S.A. provides reconnaissance and electronic warfare solutions on behalf of the Polish military. It was responsible for developing the navigation system in the country’s KTO Rosomak wheeled armoured vehicle and, to ensure reliability and a high level of support, chose to build a long-term partnership with Honeywell that involved creating a solution based on its Tactical Advanced Land Inertial Navigator (TALIN).

“The system’s common interface makes it easy for operators to use and, by sharing technology between different versions of the system Honeywell has ensured that fewer types of spare parts need to be carried. This makes logistical support easier and cheaper,” said Mr. Zak Chairman and CEO WZE S.A.

The TALIN family of products is adapted from high-volume airborne inertial system components and is used for combat vehicle applications. TALIN systems provide continuous, self-contained, accurate location and pointing information for enhanced situational awareness, far target location, target acquisition, weapons pointing and sensor pointing.

Honeywell provides a broad spectrum of TALIN products, from low cost solutions through to high performance systems that provide the highest levels of accuracy for critical applications. Underpinned by the global support offered by Honeywell, TALIN was selected by WZE for the KTO Rosomak’s navigation system. In the future, it is expected that TALIN will also be used to improve shooting accuracy by supporting the pointing of mortar and rocket artillery.

Download the whole story as a PDF here.

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