Honeywell ensures that repair bills do not exceed budget

Honeywell ensures that repair bills do not exceed budget

February 17, 2014

World Way Aviation (WWA) is the Sao Paulo-based flight operations division of an independent asset management company.

It operates a Dassault Falcon 900EX which was bought by the company’s owner so that he could travel around the firm’s locations and it flies approximately 150 hours a year.

Having already invested in the Honeywell maintenance service plan (MSP) to cover the aircraft’s engines, his company needed a similar protection solution that would cover the Falcon’s avionics suite.

“I have a tight budget and the aircraft’s flying hours are below average so we have to ensure value for money,” said Captain Luiz Goldberg, chief pilot for WWA. “Since this is the owner’s first aeroplane I want to keep it smooth for him with no big bills, otherwise he might decide that it is too expensive and have to give it up. It’s better to be able to tell the owner in advance how much he will spend each year on maintaining the aircraft.

“Also if we have an aircraft on ground situation we need to know that we have the backup support to solve the problem and get in the air again without too much delay.”

Goldberg subscribed to Honeywell avionics protection plan (HAPP), which is an effective way to protect the company’s significant avionics investment. Like an insurance policy, the HAPP is designed to ensure that the aircraft is flight-ready as soon as possible when things go wrong.

“Honeywell treats us very well. Everything that I ask for they answer in less than 24 hours,” concluded Goldberg.