Honeywell engines prove decisive when Kendall Auto Group selects new jet

February 24, 2014

Bombardier Challenger 350 delivers increased thrust, improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions

With 2,500 miles stretching between its automobile dealerships in Alaska and its operations in Oregon and Idaho, a corporate jet is an essential business tool for the Kendall Auto Group (KAG). After six excellent years of service, the company decided that the time was right to replace its Bombardier Challenger 300 with a new aircraft to take advantage of recent technological developments.

After comprehensive analysis of the super-midsize corporate jet market, chief pilot Terry Ross recommended the Bombardier Challenger 350. The aircraft’s new Honeywell HTF7350 turbofan engines build on the Honeywell 7000 series’ legendary reputation for reliability and durability by adding improved performance and reduced operating costs.

“The new Challenger 350 has a great cabin, but if we are stuck on the ground that’s irrelevant. Reliability has to come first in the equation and that’s what we have with the Honeywell platform. We are flying the same profiles and getting to destinations quicker. Those engines purr like a kitten at 45,000 feet!” stated Terry Ross, chief pilot, Kendall Management Group.