Dropzone operator maximizes flight time, reduces operating costs

February 11, 2014

Nzone Skydive, an award-winning skydiving operator, recently took possession of the first Supervan 900 aircraft in New Zealand. Texas Turbine Conversions, Inc. completed the Cessna Grand Caravan conversion using a Honeywell TPE331-12JR turboprop engine. With the addition of the Supervan 900, Nzone has doubled its passenger capacity, improved operational efficiency by 33 percent and reduced their fuel burn by approximately 35 percent, from 5.55 liters per jumper to 3.6 liters per jumper.

“This (Honeywell-powered) plane is the quietest and most efficient on the market and will significantly lower our emissions while adding no adverse affects to our neighbors. It’s the best fit for our business, our environment and our neighbors. This plane fits with our own needs for high standards and best practices” said Lindsay Williams Managing Director Nzone Skydive.

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