Honeywell SmartPath GBAS takes off for Airservices Australia

Honeywell SmartPath GBAS takes off for Airservices Australia

September 27, 2013

Airservices Australia manages air traffic operations for over 80 million passengers on more than four million flights every year and led the way when it deployed Honeywell’s ground-based augmentation system (GBAS) at Sydney Airport.

By moving to Honeywell SmartPath, the world’s only certified satellite-based navigation and precision landing system, Airservices Australia has increased safety and cost-efficiency for itself and its stakeholders, including national carrier Qantas.

Nick Welch is the manager for commercial agreements and strategic relationships at Airservices Australia. “The biggest flight cost is fuel burn and GBAS technology has the potential to reduce time spent in the air,” he explained. “This delivers a greater level of efficiency which helps us to improve the bottom line for our stakeholders – and that’s everyone from a light aircraft, to a small jet to the world’s largest airlines.”

As well as taking up less physical space, GBAS requires less maintenance and cost to run than traditional ILS systems and is also described by Airservices as being easier to manage.

For Captain Alex Passerini, technical pilot, technology development with Qantas Flight Operations, the advantages of the GBAS solution are clear: “With GBAS, traffic management is made much more efficient, which means more of our planes can land in Sydney. From a safety perspective, GBAS is very stable and doesn’t suffer from traffic or buildings, which can impede an ILS beam, instead providing us with clearer vertical guidance and landing precision.”

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