A more vibration-robust design for the start operability bleed valve (PN 3291552-3) has been developed to withstand higher vibration levels of the CF34-8E engine used on Embraer 170 aircraft.

A redesign of the actuator housing (part number 3180724-2) prevents cracks after engine maximum imbalance vibration testing has been performed on the GE CF34-8E engine. In addition to the more robust actuator housing, GE requested that a lockwire hole be added to the piston housing to facilitate lockwiring the fuel return fitting. Consequently, a new start operability bleed valve was created to incorporate a redesigned actuator housing and piston housing This new valve can withstand the higher vibration associated with the CF34-8E engine used on the Embraer 170.

ATA Chapter - 20 Standard Practices - Airframe

Part Number - 3291552-3

Average Time - 4 Hours

Efficiency Type - Maintenance