Happy Golden Anniversary Airbus!

May 28, 2019 | Author: Philippe Chevrier

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Airbus and the launching of its first aircraft, the A300. Honeywell has been a member of the Airbus team from the very beginning and our equipment has flown on every commercial aircraft the consortium has built over the last five decades. We also participate in a number of Airbus helicopter, military and space programs.

Right now Airbus and Honeywell are helping UPS modernize its A300-600 fleet of cargo aircraft. We’re providing an advanced flight deck based on our Primus Epic technology, which also flies on leading business jets the world over.

We’re supplying UPS with an advanced flight management system, new liquid crystal displays, a central maintenance system and more – all of which will help extend the useful life of this proven workhorse. This is the first time Airbus has trusted a single supplier-partner to integrate the flight deck on one of its aircraft and we’re grateful for the opportunity.

Auxiliary power units are a Honeywell strong suit and today we supply APUs for Airbus aircraft flown by many of the world’s leading airlines. We’ve delivered almost 6,000 of our 131-9A APU for the Airbus A320 family so far and Honeywell APUs are standard equipment on the A350 and A330.

Honeywell also provides a wide range of other products, services and software solutions to Airbus and its operators. They include wheels and brakes, flight management systems, surveillance and navigation systems and weather radar, among many others.

No example demonstrates the depth of the Airbus-Honeywell partnership like the A350 program. We provide a variety of avionics and mechanical systems for this exciting aircraft. And, in an unprecedented move, Airbus picked Honeywell as mechanical systems integrator, marking the first time the company has given this responsibility to a third-party supplier.

Airbus and Honeywell share a passion for innovation, which is why we both are working to deliver all the benefits of the connected aircraft to operators and the flying public with a wide range of connected products and services. Working independently, our companies are giving airlines connected solutions that will enable them to improve safety, efficiency and passenger comfort.

We’re proud of the great working relationship that has developed between Airbus and Honeywell over the last 50 years. We look forward to continuing to support Airbus in the decades to come.  

Congratulations Airbus! Here’s to another 50 years of partnership.

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Philippe Chevrier

Philippe Chevrier is the Vice President of the Airbus Customer Business Segment for Honeywell Aerospace.

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  • Ahmed

    I love this beauttiful company

  • Richard Makoni

    Well done Honeywell Aerospace for your contribution on the positive transformation of livelihoods and humanity to making the world smaller and a better place through your passion in advancing safe civil aviation. I love being in your planes from the robust A320 to the majestic A380. Congratulations for the A350 here, hoping for another 50 years of outstanding leadership in aviation.

  • Mustapha Danfuloti

    Happy golden and fruitful partnership congrats to both of you I'm a great fan of aviation