World’s Best In-Flight Wi-Fi Experience Bound for China

March 19, 2019| Author: Zhijun Jia

The best Wi-Fi in the sky is on its way to China. Honeywell and Air Esurfing (ARE) are joining forces to bring a new era of in-flight connectivity to Chinese airlines and their passengers with JetWave, Honeywell’s most advanced satellite communications solution.

Under a three-year agreement signed in March, ARE is the sole distributor of JetWave hardware in China. We’re very excited about forging this relationship with one of China’s foremost providers of in-flight connectivity and entertainment services. Together, we’ll be able to connect Chinese passengers with broadband in-flight Wi-Fi that is faster, more reliable and more accessible than anything available in China today.

The new JetWave hardware was designed to provide connectivity on Chinasat’s existing and future Ka-Band satellite constellation. The Ka-Band offers reliable data connections, high data rates and more room for bandwidth expansion than other options, like the widely used Ku-Band technology.

We’ll begin installing the new satellite communications hardware for our Chinese airline customers this year – giving them the capability they need to compete and create a great in-flight Wi-Fi experience for their passengers.

Like travelers throughout the world, Chinese airline passengers crave connectivity. They want to send and receive emails, access social media, download and upload large files, and stream live video everywhere they fly. In short, they want a Wi-Fi experience at 35,000 feet similar to the one they enjoy in their home or office. That’s just what they get with JetWave.

Honeywell chooses to work with local partners to advance China’s aerospace capabilities. We’ve found a great partner in ARE that will help take this major step forward in the evolution of the connected aircraft experience. ARE enjoys excellent relationship with China’s domestic and international airlines along with an extensive service portfolio with a network that covers more than 95 percent of China.

We share a passion for connected aerospace technologies and customer service that will enable us to work together to meet the needs of airline customers in the world’s fastest-growing aviation market.

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Zhijun Jia

Zhijun Jia

Senior Director, Connected Aircraft Solutions for Honeywell Asia Pacific region

Mr. Jia has more than 15 years of experiences in Digital, IoTs, Engine, System in the commercial aviation industry. Jia is now leading Honeywell Aerospace Connected Aircraft organization for APAC region to perform connected solution design from concept, solution architect to the implementation.

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