Three Reasons You Need Better Cabin Technology

July 2, 2019 | Author: Kathryn Kearney

Business jet passengers have high expectations these days. If you’re an aircraft owner or operator, you need to offer more than a comfortable seat, good food and the right beverage selection. You need to provide a “third place,” away from home and office, where passengers can be comfortable, connected, productive and entertained.

Here are three factors driving changes in cabin management and connectivity.

Passengers Have High In-Flight Expectations

Packing for a business aircraft flight used to mean tossing a stack of trade magazines, some file folders or the latest paperback in your briefcase. Cabin management systems changed all that by enabling travelers to watch videotapes and eventually DVDs. Fast forward to today and that seems pretty antiquated, because the best cabin management systems enable passengers to stay connected and occupied wherever they fly.

Honeywell’s Ovation Select™ Cabin Management System turns your aircraft cabin into a fully equipped boardroom or living room. It features full HD widescreen displays, digital surround sound, a real-time 3D moving map, HD Blu-ray systems, and intuitive panels to control seats, lights, temperatures and much more.

Passengers can control everything from their smartphone or tablet and even stream content from personal devices, laptops, USB drives and gaming systems – which can be connected anywhere, anytime through a satellite communications system.

Phone Calls Don’t Hack it Anymore

Making a quick call while cruising at 40,000 feet was pretty impressive, until it wasn’t. Today it takes more than a phone call for business people to communicate effectively. Your passengers want the same kind of connectivity they get at home or in the office, even on international flights.

Honeywell’s JetWave™ satellite system is the ultimate in-flight productivity and entertainment tool. It lets business jet passengers send and receive email, download and upload huge files, teleconference with key clients, or Facetime with the family. It’s almost as good as being there.

With JetWave and the Jet ConneX network, your business and VIP passengers can stream live video to their personal devices or even project the big playoff game or the latest blockbuster on the big screen so everyone onboard can watch. Our Honeywell GoDirect solutions  and applications can help you do all that – and more – more affordably than you think.

Millennials Want it All

The new generation of passengers grew up in the digital age. They expect to have Wi-Fi connectivity everywhere – including on the aircraft they fly. They want to know what’s happening at the office. They want to finish that big project or review an important presentation. They want to keep up with the news, the stock market and the ball scores. And they want to interact with family and friends. 

As millennials come to represent a bigger share of the business aircraft passenger community, owners and operators will need to make sure they’re meeting the expectations of this influential demographic.

That means providing connectivity so fast, reliable and available passengers will forget they’re flying. It means installing a cabin management systems that give them complete control over the cabin environment.


Kathryn Kearney

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