Honeywell Aerospace Celebrates National Pet Day

April 11, 2019 | Author: Kathryn Kearney

April 11th, is National Pet Day, a national holiday dedicated to your pets. For pet owners, their non-speaking companions are family. Pets are with you every night, whether at home, on vacation, in family photos or even at the office. Pets can bring you comfort and emotional support and to top it off, their innocence and unconditional love is a constant reminder that there is good in the world.

Millions of people understand the joys of being a pet owner – including Honeywell Aerospace employees. Therefore, we are celebrating the value of companionship by encouraging employees to connect through their mutual love of animals with the 2019 Meet the Aeropets photo contest. Over 200 employees submitted aerospace themed photographs of their pets, for a chance to win a pet-inspired gift. Out of the 200 submissions, one pet in particular was soaring higher than the others. Meet Whiskey, the nova scotia duck tolling retriever who loves to paraglide.

Austin Cox

Whiskey’s owner, Austin Cox, has been paragliding with Whiskey for over a year now. Austin has been working for Honeywell Aerospace for over three years, as a test engineer in Redmond, Washington. He started paragliding two years ago, and recently won the U.S. Nationals of paragliding for his division. When it comes to paragliding, “safety should always be your top priority” – said Austin. Similar to safety procedures Austin performs at work, paragliding requires multiple levels of redundancy. To keep Whiskey safe while flying, he is harnessed inside a backpack. Austin only flies with Whiskey when weather conditions are calm. He also flies with a reserve parachute in case something were to happen to his glider. Known for being a lap dog, Whiskey is very calm in nature and loves to relax. His favorite part about paragliding is the hike. Austin loves the feeling of freedom when he is in the air and having Whiskey with him makes it even more enjoyable.

Austin Cox

Sharing these unique experiences with our employees has highlighted an already existing community in Aerospace, that of pet owners, and has connected our employees all over the world through their mutual love for animals. Honeywell Aerospace encourages our employees to continue to inspire others about the amazing benefits that pets bring. From improved health to happier workplaces, a pet can contribute to becoming your best, at home and at work.

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