Engineers from Aero Tools & Technology in Bengaluru Win 3rd Annual Design to Donate Event

April 2, 2019 | Author: Abiu Camarena

For the third consecutive year, Honeywell Aerospace Engineers came together to create and execute the most prestigious designs out of non-perishable food items for the Design to Donate Event as part of the main event during the Engineers Week 2019 global celebration.

Design to Donate is the name of the game and you have 60 minutes or less to come up with an efficient solution with your teammates. The rewarding part about this event, is that it gives our employees around the world an opportunity to participate in charitable outreach. Every non-perishable food item used throughout each team’s design process, is donated to local charities in need. The competitiveness is real and this year’s competition did not disappoint.

This year’s designs proved the unimaginable, to say the least. Designs included skyscrapers, smart cities, urban air mobility vehicles, monorails, racetracks and more. Not to mention these were all made from Pringles cans, Mac & Cheese boxes, tuna boxes and other food items. More than Twenty-seven thousand pounds of non-perishable food items were collected and distributed among charities across the globe.

Among the twenty different teams who participated, the winning nomination went to a team of eight participants from the Aero Tools & Technology group in Bengaluru, India. These eight individuals, created the marvelous concept of a “smart city”, pictured above. Team members included Latha M S, Raghu Hanaumanthappa, Vidya Reddy, Sangeeta Singh, Arunima Thappa, Viashal Sharma, Jinesh Mehta and Nishat Parveen. Over 150 individuals from the Aero Tools and Technology group came to support the nominees.

The Bengaluru team used a total of 227 pounds from a variety of fifty different non-perishable food items. Subdivisions of the smart city included a Honeywell Tech Park, water transportation station, a robotic dispatcher, SMART warehouse, SMART airport, SMART hospital and more.

Our engineers look forward to the Design to Donate event each year. It creates a fun and energetic experience, where employees can support one another’s ideas, unwind and think outside-the-box. The Bengaluru Tools and Technology team looks forward to next year’s event, in hopes that they can defend their title.

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Abiu Camarena

Abiu Camarena, is a Senior Communications Specialist for the Aerospace Chief Technology Office Organization.

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