Autonomy Spotlight: Honeywell HGuide n580 Reliably Delivers Precise Data for 3D Mapping

April 11, 2019 | Author: Theo Kuijper van der Duijn


Honeywell offers high-performance, non-ITAR inertial measurement units and navigators for demanding use cases that require reliable data in GNSS-challenged areas.

Around the world, companies are investing heavily in technologies that enable them to inspect assets without ever needing to set foot near those areas or infrastructures. Aerial photography has long been a key tool in the expanding field of 3D mapping.

Industries as diverse as real estate, agriculture, urban planning, forestry management, oil and gas exploration, cellular networking planning, transportation planning, and more, have come to rely on digital 3D models to support a variety of their operations -- from planning to inventorying and even maintenance.

Aerial surveying takes less time and can be significantly less expensive than other surveying methods. In addition, it provides a unique view that is impossible to capture any other way, with a highly accurate measurement of terrain, buildings and other physical features, giving a true sense of depth, size and height. 

3dCopyright, Aeroscout / RIEGL LiDAR

While helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft are still widely used, many companies are opting to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to improve safety, efficiency and data fidelity.
Today, many companies like Honeywell’s HGuide n580 user, Aeroscout, are capturing data using light detection and ranging (LiDAR), an advanced surveying technology that uses lasers to measure distance.

LiDAR provides extremely accurate 3D data sets (referred to as point clouds) that are then manipulated by a computer to create the finished 3D model. To better understand how the LiDAR point clouds fit together, the computer needs accurate position and orientation information provided by a navigation system.


Our HGuide n580 Inertial/GNSS navigatoris used in various 3D mapping applications in combination with LiDAR on the ground and in the sky to tell companies where the data is being captured even in GPS-denied areas.

By combining LiDAR and our n580 navigator, surveying companies around the world are creating 3D maps to efficiently monitor their assets in remote regions to identify areas that require maintenance.  

For more information about our HGuide n580 navigator or to speak with an inertial sensor and navigation product specialist, please visit


Theo Kuijper van der Duijn

Theo is the EMEAI business development and sales manager for Honeywell’s non-ITAR, HGuide inertial sensors and navigation business. Theo joined Honeywell in April 2017 and has more than 20 years of experience in international sales and marketing.

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  • Martin Vergel

    Hi, I would like you send me more technical information and price about this system Honeywell HGuide n580. Regards.


    I like the picture of the trees! Are the colors somehow indicative of the height? I am just learning about drone abilities, and I did not know they were able to determine the height of things yet. Is the drone in the picture autonomous, or manned?


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