MSP Offers Rebates for Preferred Engine Operation

November 7, 2018 | Author: Bill Traxler

Honeywell will pay you for taking it easy on your propulsion engine. The company is changing its signature Maintenance Service Plan (MSP) to what is believed to be the Business Aviation industry’s first usage-based protection program. MSP will provide rebates of up to 10 percent off their monthly invoices to operators who put less wear and tear on their engines.

The new Usage-Based MSP feature is available now for all new MSP customers; current customers will transition to the new program when their existing contract comes up for renewal, according to Bill Traxler, Honeywell Propulsion Product Line Director. All HTF7000 engine models and the newer TFE731 models, including TFE731-20,-40,-50,-60 will be included under this new MSP feature.

Honeywell has developed algorithms based on engine data to monitor the way customers fly their aircraft. Operators flying longer routes, maintaining optimal throttle settings, and avoiding harsh environmental conditions will be eligible for bi-annual rebates of up to 10 percent off their normal MSP invoices. “This program change recognizes that every operator is unique. Some operators fly profiles and in environments that promote less engine wear and therefore should have the opportunity to share in the maintenance cost savings,” Traxler said.

Honeywell is currently testing this new program feature with its corporate flight department in New Jersey and has announced the changes at October’s National Business Aviation Association meeting and convention.

MSP is part of Honeywell’s GoDirect Maintenance service portfolio, which is designed to deliver peace of mind and help operators manage their maintenance budgets.

Bill Traxler

Bill Traxler

Director of Product Marketing for Honeywell Engines


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    As I am Moroccan Air Traffic retired before to be Airport Managing Director , I thank you to give this opportunity to discovers new World Aviation. Best regards


    We operate a Challenger 300 S/N 20203 with HTF7000 engine, currently we have a MSP Gold contract, can we take advantage of this discount ?