Balancing Motherhood and Work is Not for the Faint of Heart; It Takes Real Skill

May 8, 2018 | Author: Blanca Morales

Being a mom today is certainly not easy. It’s especially challenging when trying to balance work and home life. If you are a single mom, working is non-negotiable. Over the last decade, I have strived to balance my career with being a mother. I am able to demonstrate to my children the value of working hard at a job you love. My kids see my passion about working at a company that does remarkable things in our community, develops innovative technology and helps keep people safe. 

As a Sr. Program Planning and Control Analyst, I have developed many hard- and soft-skills at Honeywell. It’s invaluable to be able to exemplify for my children the tools needed to create positive relationships with co-workers and to be flexible and adaptable when things are challenging.

I tell my kids to do something they love as a career, to explore all opportunities and to take on challenges, even when they are daunting. In my career, I have been open to opportunities of all kinds. Whether it is working in Honeywell’s capital assets, Space & Defense business or aftermarket sales, I have been open to new possibilities – and that has proven both inspiring and exciting.

My son is about to graduate high school and enter a new chapter of his life. He will be the first person in my family to study engineering in college. Over the years, he and my 12-year-old daughter have seen me delegate when there were too many things to get done, prioritize my job when there were deadlines and attend countless school functions.

These skills are ones I learned from watching my own mother when I was growing up. She taught me to be resilient. She worked hard to make ends meet but she never complained. She demonstrated strength day-in and day-out and made sure her children knew we were her priority. She taught me to be responsible and to be true to myself and my beliefs. These skills made me who I am and I hope I have demonstrated these attributes to my children as well.

This Mother’s Day I will celebrate with my mother, my sister and my children. My family is the reason I work so hard and motherhood has propelled my life. Being a mom made me a better person, softened my heart and helped me understand the meaning of pure love.



Blanca Morales

Sr. Program Planning and Control Analyst

Blanca Morales is currently based in Moca, Puerto Rico.

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  • Nury Alers

    Very inspiring piece! The life lessons we teach our children when we pursue a career AND still make them a priority is a true lesson on intentionally, resilience and grit. You have demonstrated exactly that to your children! Thanks for sharing 💕

  • Gilberto Hernandez

    Way to go Blanca, I'm proud to be your friend. You are a beautiful person and have a lovely family. Your determination and dedication are an example to all of us. Congratulations.

  • Diane Zapata

    Very inspire words, as you said be a single mom and working is non negotiable but is a life lesson for our kids to see that it can be done. You can balance your work and personal life and be successful.

  • JCortes

    Sweet writing, some wholesome reading right there. That last sentence touched my sweet spot, can totally relate. I hope you continue blogging, natural talent. Happy Mothers Day!

  • Mary Bombardier

    Thank you for taking time out of your day to share this, as one other commenter well stated, inspiring piece! I am sure you have plenty of family and friends who can help but I would be happy to answer any questions your son has regarding pursing a degree in Engineering . Considering who his mom is I know he will do exceptionally well and the Engineering community will be better off with him being apart of it ! :)

  • Anita Armstrong

    Bravo my friend, so beautiful and touching!! You are a great Mom, dedicate employee and amazing friend. I am so blessed to call you my friend :)

  • Mike Quihuis

    I want too give you a compliment on your motherhood. I'm sure your kids our very proud of you. Happy Mother Day!