The Remarkable People Behind Our Pioneering Connected Journeys

September 11, 2017 | Author: Lori Gibson

Connectivity at Honeywell Aerospace is exemplified by the innovative flight, turbo and satellite technologies revolutionizing the way people experience travel. But it all starts with our amazing network of global employees who make it happen.

That’s why our recent Connected Journeys contest invited our employees to have a little fun and demonstrate how they’re connecting around the world.

Using an approach similar to other “flat traveler” campaigns, employees took a photo or brief video of themselves with characters representing all parts of our business – Sky, Comet, Turbo and Chopper – wherever they were June 26-July 14 for business, vacation, at home or at their work sites.

Connected Journeys

Connected Journeys gave employees a perfect opportunity to show us the connections they see between each other, within our business and far beyond. And did they ever! We received 345 clever and creative photos and videos featuring 1,060 employees from 48 sites.

Connected Journeys

But these entries were just the start of the fun. All employees then had an opportunity to visit an online gallery to vote for their favorites. The result: More than 4,000 votes cast.

Illustrating the global nature of our business, our individual winners came from Aerospace sites in Olomouc, Czech Republic; and Penang, Malaysia.

Connected Journeys

In addition, employees could vote for their favorite entry from a specific site. The top 10 sites receiving votes were entered into a raffle for a site-wide celebration, won by our Aerospace and Transportation sites in Mexicali.

Of course, at Honeywell Aerospace these days, everyone’s a winner with our pioneering connectivity products, services and software solutions that are changing the face of aviation. They are improving safety, efficiency and comfort for passengers, airlines and business aviation operators, flight crews and maintenance teams.

At the same time employees were illustrating their own Connected Journeys, Honeywell’s unique Boeing 757 “laboratory in the sky” was on a worldwide tour to demonstrate the full range of our Connected Aircraft capabilities.

Connected JourneysThe tour provided a first-hand look at our JetWave satellite communications system, which enables Inmarsat’s GX Aviation high-speed Wi-Fi service. Reporters at stops in 11 key cities – including the Paris Air Show – were able to download large files, view streaming video, send and receive email, and access the internet with the same speed and reliability they experience on the ground.

With thousands of Honeywell Aerospace employees, not all of us could be on board that 757 for this amazing worldwide experience. But Connected Journeys reminded each of us that we can be proud of the many ways we are helping our customers stay connected through new and innovative flight, satellite and turbo technologies every day.

Connected Journeys

Lori Gibson

Lori Gibson

Leader Communications

Lori Gibson recently joined Honeywell Aerospace after 20 years in other divisions. She wonders what took her so long to join such a dynamic industry! With previous roles in finance, supply chain management, and product marketing, Lori is now on the communications team for customer and product support.

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