Taking to the Skies for China’s National Day Holiday

September 29, 2017 | Author: Sherry Shen

More people celebrate the National Day of the People’s Republic of China than just about any other holiday. The week-long celebration commemorating the founding of the PRC begins Oct. 1 and is marked by festive events, concerts and fireworks throughout Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

The National Day Holiday is one of China’s Golden Weeks, during which many families take a fall vacation and visit popular locations in China and overseas. In fact, the popular website Ctrip.com estimates that as many as 600 million people will travel during what this year is an eight-day holiday (including the Mid-Autumn Festival). That includes about 6 million who will travel abroad.

The most popular travel destinations include:

  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • United States
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Indonesia

There also has been an upturn in people flying to destinations featured on the global television phenomenon “Game of Thrones.” Since the mythical continent of Westeroes doesn’t appear on any airline’s route map, Chinese travelers are settling for the next best thing by visiting some of the locations where the HBO series is filmed – namely Croatia, Czech Republic, Iceland, Spain and Northern Ireland.

No matter where they fly, National Day travelers fly with Honeywell. We’re the leading provider of products, services and software solutions that make flying in a commercial jetliner safer, more efficient and more comfortable.

With Honeywell onboard, you can be less concerned about weather delays and cancellations, which can be a particular problem during the autumn months. That’s because Honeywell technology helps pilots avoid severe weather.

For example, the RDR-4000 IntuVue weather radar uses the best available predictive technology to help flight crews detect and avoid hazards like lightning, hail, windshear and turbulence. Our Weather Information Service application provides flight crews with up-to-date weather data on their tablet-based electronic flight bag. The service provides the crew with the clearest, most up-to-date view of weather all along the anticipated route.

We even help travelers stay in touch anywhere they fly – even overseas – with advanced Connected Aircraft technologies that enable Wi-Fi That Flies. With our JetWave product, which exclusively powers Inmarsat’s GX Aviation communications service, you’ve got the whole internet – and the whole world of social media – at your fingertips. Honeywell provides the fastest, most reliable broadband inflight connectivity experience on more than 20 airlines worldwide – including several in the Asia Pacific region.

After all, your vacation doesn’t officially start until you post your first holiday photos to make your friends jealous!

Sherry Shen

Sherry Shen

Sherry Shen is the digital communications manager and marketing communications coordination leader at Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific. She’s also leading the HHS initiatives in China and High Growth Region in APAC.

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