Building Pilots with the T-100 Trainer

September 14, 2017 | Author: Peter Costello

Honeywell is proud to be a member of the Leonardo DRS T-100 team. Two of our efficient and high thrust-to-weight ratio F124 low-bypass turbofan engines power this exciting aircraft, which is clearly the best choice to prepare the next generation of U.S. Air Force pilots to fly fifth-generation fighters like the F-35 and F-22.

But the Leonardo T-100 is more than a great airplane. It’s the centerpiece of an Integrated Training System that will set a new standard for pilot training. As the T-X competition for the new trainer moves into the evaluation phase, the Leonardo team is offering the Air Force the most complete, proven, operational and integrated training solution.

Pilot training has certainly come a long way since I was a T-38 instructor pilot teaching NATO pilots to fly back in the 1980s. It takes another great leap forward with the T-100 Integrated Training System.

The training system includes embedded tactical simulation on the aircraft plus simulators and ground-based instructional devices, including an operational live, virtual and constructive (LVC) environment that provides extraordinary fidelity for trainees. The T-100 system meets the Air Force’s need for a trainer that can prepare pilots for today’s most advanced fighters without the need for an intermediate training aircraft.

The T-100 lets students practice in an airplane with the same capabilities – the same “feel” – as the fifth-generation fighters they will eventually fly. This is thanks in large part to the Honeywell engines, which deliver all the power, performance and responsiveness needed for every phase of the training syllabus.

Of course, trainees will have practiced a given maneuver many times in ground-based simulators before strapping into the actual aircraft. The T-100 simulators are so advanced that a student flying an actual aircraft can practice formation-flying with another student in a ground-based simulator as wingman.

Leonardo’s Integrated Training System will let the Air Force accelerate the training cycle and focus more attention on the advanced jet portion of the curriculum, conducting training that would otherwise need to be accomplished in a fighter – at less than one-fourth the cost.

A terrific airplane and a one-of-a-kind Integrated Training System makes creates an unbeatable combination for the U.S. Air Force. No wonder that all of us on the Leonardo team have embraced the slogan, “We don’t just build airplanes, we build pilots.”

Peter Costello

Peter Costello is the Senior Director for Business Development for Honeywell’s Defense Americas business.

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