Meet Emily: How in-flight Wi-Fi saved “the big day”

October 02, 2017 | Author: Carrie Fan

Most frequent flyers are familiar with the frustrations of air travel, including delayed and canceled flights that wreak havoc on even the best-planned itinerary. Consider poor Emily. Flight scheduling problems have her stuck on an overseas flight on her only daughter’s wedding day. Will she get to the church on time? No. But thanks to Honeywell Connected Aircraft technology, she’s got the next-best option at her fingertips. Watch the video to find out how Emily watched her daughter get married from 30,000 feet.



For more than a century, Honeywell has been improving the safety, efficiency and comfort of air travel for passengers around the world. Now we’re leading the way with the world’s fastest, most reliable inflight Wi-Fi. We make video streaming – and much more – a reality for passengers on more than 20 airlines. Honeywell’s JetWave system exclusively powers the Inmarsat GX Aviation service. With Honeywell on your side, you can stay productive and entertained anywhere you fly with broadband quality like you enjoy on the ground.

Carrie Fan

Carrie Fan

Carrie Fan is a Senior Customer Marketing Manager for Honeywell Aerospace, she currently works for Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific .

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