Meet Joe: JetWave™ Let Him Catch the Biggest Game

November 20, 2017 | Author: Carrie Fan

It’s a familiar anxiety when you know you’re going to be in the air during one of the biggest games of the season. The last thing you want is to miss the whole thing. And get texts from your friends teasing you about it after you land. Consider Joe, trapped on a business flight between Singapore and Hong Kong, knowing his beloved team is playing its hated rivals. Is he going to miss it? Not a bit. Watch the animation to see why.


Honeywell has been making air travel safer, more efficient and more comfortable for generations. And now we’ve been at the forefront of bringing fast, reliable inflight Wi-Fi to passengers. It’s thanks to our advanced JetWave technology powering Inmarsat’s GX Aviation service, covering almost the entire earth. So Joe can watch his game on the other side of the planet, at 40,000 feet. And tease his friends back with his own texts.

He may still have anxiety, but it will be focused his team’s fourth-quarter comeback.

Carrie Fan

Carrie Fan

Carrie Fan is a Senior Customer Marketing Manager for Honeywell Aerospace, she currently works for Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific .

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