Dressing up the Connected Aircraft – Inside and Out

November 21, 2017 | Author: Mario Bulgarella

With Honeywell’s JetWaveTM system, passengers can fly the skies enjoying hi-speed Wi-Fi as if they were in the comfort of their own home. Honeywell is changing the way people communicate on an aircraft, and it doesn’t stop there.

Earlier this year, Honeywell branded the exterior of our B757 test aircraft in preparation for The Power of Connected World Tour. In November, I was tasked with a unique opportunity to brand the interior of the same test aircraft to tell a more complete Connected Aircraft story to customers.

I surveyed the interior of the aircraft to find the best possible locations for our branded messaging. Remember, this is no ordinary test aircraft: it’s a 155-foot long test bed full of engineering amazement and only a handful of passenger seats.

Once the branding locations were selected and approved by the flight crew, the artwork commenced. There were a few unique requirements that we were made aware of:

  1. The material we select to print the artwork on must be fire-retardant.
  2. It must be very durable and scratch resistant.
  3. The adhesive on the back side must be able to withstand heat from the hot summer days so the material doesn’t peel off from the mounting surfaces.

This material is so strong and durable, it’s used as decals on dirt bikes, ATVs, hospitals and grocery store floors.


The art was printed and then it was time for the installation. It was a cool Wednesday morning, about 9 a.m., when the crew assembled at the Sky Harbor Flight Test location. During the four hours it took to install everything, we wrapped hardware cabinets, walls and seat trays. The transformation was complete, it looked great, and the aircraft looked as great on the inside as it did on the outside.

The messaging inside the aircraft helps potential customers understand many benefits of owning and operating a Honeywell JetWave system. From cockpit avionics to connected, the breadth of our product portfolio really starts to shine.

For many customers or potential customers interested in JetWave, they may only just be seeing the tip of the iceberg. Honeywell has taken the lead in delivering high-speed Wi-Fi in the skies.


High-speed connectivity is transforming the aerospace industry, and now customers are starting to realize that JetWave is more than just a tool for passengers to surf the web.

There is an incredible amount of data collected inflight that can be used to increase an aircraft’s efficiency and productivity. For example, potential customers may not know that our suite of weather-related solutions such as Connected Radar and Weather Information Services can help flight crews reduce flight times and optimize routes. Also, the Connected Aircraft offers benefits to operators and maintainers by wirelessly connecting mechanical systems, helping airlines or operators keep their operations and their aircraft in optimal condition.

Because of the branding inside the aircraft, potential customers can now start to see the opportunities that lie ahead. Customers will be well informed of how JetWave connects with other components on the aircraft, such as wheels and brakes, auxiliary power units, flight management systems and more. They will know that the Connected Aircraft delivers safer, faster and more comfortable flights for passengers; reduced workload for pilots and maintainers; and most importantly, reduced cost of ownership for operators.

As you can see -- inside and out of our B757 -- JetWave is truly transforming the way we fly.


Mario Bulgarella

Mario Bulgarella

Senior Graphics Designer