Satellite Launch Boosts Power of GX Network

May 16, 2017 | Author: Patty Attwell

The Global Xpress (GX) satellite communications network got a big boost May 15 when a Space X Falcon 9 rocket launched the Inmarsat-5 F4 communications satellite, adding a fourth satellite to the GX constellation. Once it is positioned in orbit, the satellite will add capacity for the Global Xpress network, which has been operating since Dec. 2015.

Honeywell partners with Inmarsat on the GX satellite communications network, which includes the groundbreaking GX Aviation system for commercial airlines, the Jet ConneX system for business aircraft, and the GX system for military and government aircraft.

All three  deployed satellites rely on the Honeywell JetWave satellite communications system to connect to the GX network and provide operators, flight crews, maintenance teams and passengers with the ultimate connected aircraft experience. Honeywell is the exclusive provider of satellite communications hardware for the Inmarsat system, which operates on the Ka-band. 

This was the first GX satellite launched by a Space X Falcon 9 rocket. The satellite was launched from the historic Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, site of many famous launches including the first manned mission to the moon.

The satellite was deployed about 32 minutes after launch and is now being maneuvered to its geostationary orbit more than 22,000 miles above Earth, where it will deploy its solar arrays and reflectors and undergo intensive payload testing before beginning commercial service.

Addition of a fourth operational satellite to the constellation will increase the capacity for the GX network, which already provides users with the fastest, most reliable inflight broadband Wi-Fi anywhere they fly.

The leader in connected aircraft products, services and software solutions, Honeywell also provides a wide range of products, systems and components for satellites and other spacecraft. The Inmarsat 5 satellites are stabilized by Honeywell reaction wheel assemblies, which can be found on nearly every Western satellite. Honeywell reaction wheels have recorded more than 135 million hours of operation without a documented failure. 

Patty Attwell

Patty Attwell

Patty Attwell joined Honeywell during the 2016 acquisition of Canadian satellite payload and space systems experts, COM DEV International, where she was Manager of Global Corporate Communications. She is now the marketing communications manager for Honeywell’s Space Enterprise, bringing together the amazing history of 60 years of leadership in space mission solutions; with our latest cutting-edge technology that will propel the emerging space markets of tomorrow.

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