Let’s Change Cabin Comforts

May 24, 2017 | Author: John Peterson

How are Honeywell’s recent software updates changing the cabin experience for the business aviation market and your end customers? You can find out exactly what Honeywell is bringing to the table, below.

According to The International Air Transport Association’s 2016 Global Passenger Survey, 51 percent of passengers want to be fully connected in the air. The survey shows that passengers flying every day are looking toward technology to improve their travel, from airport arrival to having the same connectivity experience they would on the ground. Today, the proliferation of mobile devices and the need to be more productive in the air have changed the business aviation landscape, leading to an increased need for fast and consistent in-flight Wi-Fi.

Honeywell recently expanded its GoDirect™ Cabin services offering, part of more than 50 flight and cabin management services. As a leading manufacturing company, we listened to our customers and incorporated feedback to ensure our services are meeting the needs and requirements of the business aviation market.

Our cabin services software update allows operators to be more in control of satellite communication services. Honeywell provides the tools to manage aircraft connectivity networks more effectively, essentially allowing more efficiency by saving business jet owners and operators more time and costs.

Here’s a look at some of the recent software updates for Honeywell’s GoDirect™ Cabin that will increase the in-flight experience for our customers, with better control and connectivity:

  • GoDirect Routing Software: This application provides greater control of cabin network and increased voice services. In addition, the update includes a sophisticated private branch exchange, which efficiently manages voice traffic both on and off the aircraft and enhanced configuration tools to allow business operators to easily form their onboard satellite communications system, for optimal performance. Whether operators need to connect a single device or several, this update makes it easier to manage requirements anywhere, at any time.
  • GoDirect Satellite Communications Network: This application helps business operators monitor and maintain aircraft network health. The update gives operators more control of the network services in real time, and integrated with the GoDirect Routing Software, passengers or the in-flight crew can set timers for online streaming sessions. This essentially reduces costs for business operators while maximizing data rates to increase passenger productivity.
  • GoDirect Satellite Communication Toolkit: Now updated to include Honeywell’s Aspire and JetWave hardware systems. This application helps expand flight departments’ or repair centers’ ability to troubleshoot and define the root of the technical issues on a broader range of satellite communication products, saving you time and costs.
  • GoDirect Voice: The business aviation’s most sophisticated and easy-to-use mobile voice application. Upgraded to use voice over internet protocol with an assigned phone number and seamlessly pairs with in-flight Wi-Fi to deliver clear and encrypted communication with a personal smartphone, all in one application.
  • GoDirect Portal: Updated to include access to JetConneX services, business jet owners and operators can monitor the aircraft in-flight Wi-Fi data consumption more efficiently, by applying advanced traffic- shaping tools, and dynamically controlling all streaming costs.
  • GoDirect Access: The aviation industry’s leading cabin billing service, inclusive of tools to manage in-flight Wi-Fi. This service has been updated to provide users with access to Inmarsat’s JetConneX services through GoDirect Portal. Honeywell used this service to create an innovative billing solution for the business aviation landscape.

Cabin comfort now includes being well connected in the air. Business aviation operators can now enhance their own and their customers’ in-flight experience with more control of cabin management services.

John Peterson

John Peterson

John Peterson is Vice President and General Manager of Aerospace Services and Connectivity for the Honeywell Connected Enterprise.

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