Have a Great Flight, Mom!

May 10, 2017 | Author: Steve Brecken

Thousands of people will fly commercial this weekend as families gather to celebrate those special people called mothers. Sentimental Mother’s Day cards and flowers sent from afar are great, but they’re simply no substitute for being there in person. Just ask your mom.

Whether you’re going to see mom or she’s coming to visit you, every flight is safer, more comfortable and more efficient thanks to Honeywell Aerospace. Our products, services and software solutions probably aren’t visible to the average passenger, but they play a big role in making sure that you – or your mother – have a good flying experience.

Our auxiliary power units are a great example. Usually found in the tail of the aircraft, these small jet engines generate energy to start the main engines. They also play a big role in keeping the passenger cabin comfortable by providing the electricity to operate air conditioning, circulation and interior lighting systems while the aircraft is on the ground. If needed, APUs can provide backup power to the cockpit and cabin while the aircraft is in flight, adding a margin of safety.

Mom is more likely to get there on time with Honeywell’s flight management system technology. We pioneered the introduction of these sophisticated computers into the cockpit in the 1980s, giving pilots a critical tool to improve safety and on-time performance. Our latest FMS software trims flight time, reduces fuel burn and greenhouse gas emissions, and prepares pilots to operate efficiently within the evolving air traffic control system.

Nobody likes a bumpy flight, especially mom. Honeywell is at the forefront of severe weather detection technologies, including advanced weather radar systems that let pilots avoid storms and turbulence. Our most advanced IntuVue 3D weather radar provides the most complete, accurate and intuitive view of airborne weather, resulting in improved hazard avoidance and increased safety.

Our connected aircraft expertise lets us move information on and off the aircraft seamlessly so we can give flight crews the freshest weather information available. With our Weather Information Service application, pilots have current, historical and trend data at their fingertips, enabling them to make quick decisions that can improve safety and passenger comfort.

You and your mom will want to stay connected throughout your flight. Honeywell is the leader in providing passengers with fast, reliable inflight Wi-Fi connectivity. Our JetWave satellite communications system is the only one that connects to the Inmarsat Global Xpress satellite network, enabling mom to download and watch Mother’s Day videos, receive or send pics from the big party, or spend those gift cards while she’s airborne. You know how she likes to shop!

Happy Mother’s Day. Have a great flight!

Steve Brecken

Steve Brecken

Director of External Communications