Why Green is the New Black

June 16, 2017 | Author: Kiah Erlich

According the International Air Transport Association (IATA), global jet fuel prices have risen 10 percent over the past year. While that may not seem like a big jump, fuel costs account for somewhere between 20 to 40 percent of any airline’s total expenditures. A 10 percent jump is a significant cost that any smart airline needs to battle against.

How do airlines fight back against rising costs? With better technology.

Honeywell GoDirect Fuel Efficiency does just that. It collects, tracks and analyzes data from different airline systems, and matches them to the actual flight data. This approach allows the fuel efficiency teams at an airline to identify new ways to cut costs and monitor compliance of existing fuel-saving initiatives. The technology also allows for communication with all fuel program stakeholders. This means that customized and actionable information about how best to optimize for fuel can reach pilots exactly when they need it. Ultimately, it is greener and minimizes overall operational costs.

Unsurprisingly, there has been a worldwide surge in airlines going green with Honeywell GoDirect Fuel Efficiency software. European and Middle Eastern airlines are leading the trend with the likes of Lufthansa, and more recently Finnair and Turkish Airlines, adopting this new technology in 2016-2017. Europe is closely followed by Asian airlines, with India’s Jet Airways and Japan Airlines also adopting the software.

Business analytics is changing the future of flight planning globally. For example, smart data can improve the number of approaches and take-offs in a crowded airspace and reduce flight times. This results in huge cost savings and lower carbon emissions for operators worldwide.

Don’t just take our word for it. IATA states that an airline having a successful fuel savings program can reduce its fuel costs by 3 to 5 percent. Some airlines such as Lufthansa have already secured savings of up to $150 million in the first year. So it comes as no surprise that this trend to go green is likely here to stay.

Kiah Erlich

Kiah Erlich

Kiah Erlich is Director of Flight Services at Honeywell Aerospace, and is in charge of Honeywell's aviation software and services. She's created technologies to help pilots fly more efficiently and safely, listening to those on-board aircraft systems, analyzing their data real-time on the ground and sending it back up to the aircraft so the pilot can focus on more important tasks.

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