What Was It Like Being on the TODAY Show?

June 13, 2017 | Author: Jenn Spantak

What was it like for the Honeywell Aerospace employees involved when Tom Costello of NBC’s TODAY show did a live feature on our B757 Connected Aircraft capabilities June 9? The segment was livestreamed as the aircraft flew over New York, demonstrating our hi-speed Wi-Fi solution GX Aviation powered by Jetwave in action. Jenn Spantak of Aerospace Communications talks to Erica Brinker, Sr. Director of Business Development, and Stephane Klander, Sr. Manager of Project Engineering, about the experience.

Jenn: Erica was actually interviewed by Tom. So, Erica, what was going through your mind as you were sitting there in the hot seat?

Erica: I was really nervous, the lights were really bright. I had to make sure I had what I wanted to say down because it’s really different once the cameras start rolling.

Jenn: Stephane, you were behind the scenes making sure everything was working properly. And you were actually here when we got JetWave up and running for the first time a couple of years ago. What was the first video that you played?

Stephane: We were over England connecting to a couple of IOR (Indian Ocean Region) satellites and we obviously picked Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

Jenn: Why Taylor Swift?

Stephane: Because it was the first selection on YouTube.

Jenn: Is it your favorite song?

Stephane: I didn’t know her before. (laughing)

Jenn: Erica, what do you love to stream on JetWave when you’re up here?

Erica: I love Netflix and, as people who know me know, I love me a good cat video – meow. But I’d say anything because once we have it on airlines it’s going to be nice because you can stay comfortable and entertained the whole ride.

Jenn: There a couple of other benefits about our connectivity and our Wi-Fi. Can you tell everyone about this?

Erica: We’re using that additional bandwidth to look at how we can leverage it for connected maintenance, how we can connect our brakes, our APUs, and so many more of our Honeywell install base so we can help make airlines and business aircraft and defense aircraft so much more safe, efficient and entertaining.

Jenn: Both of you, tell me one thing that was going through your minds as this was going down?

Erica: There was just a lot going on and, as an observer, I was just watching how live TV happens. It was just cool. I was in awe.

Stephane: For me, the most surprising event was they don’t stay live for a very long period of time. They have these snippets, these teasers, so they don’t stay live for very long. And even the live portion was just a few minutes – it wasn’t anything long.

Jenn: What do you want to say to all our Facebook followers and social media followers?

Stephane: Hello, Facebook followers.

Erica: If you want to keep following us, look for the hashtags #HoneywellRocks and #WiFiThatFlies.

Click here to watch the complete interview.

Jennifer Spantak

Jennifer Spantak

Senior Communications Specialist, Honeywell Aerospace.