Taking Flight: How an Engineer’s Mind Soars

June 27, 2017 | Author: Manisha Khosla Sinha

An explorer’s mind, that is how you describe Shrikant Rao, Engineering Fellow at Honeywell Technology Solutions (HTS, in Bengaluru. From photographing rare birds to studying India’s bio-diversity in his leisure time while developing algorithms and mathematical models for aerospace navigation, Shrikant’s passion for his work and life is infectious.

Srikanth Rao

With Honeywell since 2005, Shrikant, a driven electrical engineer, stumbled into the world of aviation technology. “Getting into aerospace was accidental. Near the end of my post-doctoral fellowship, I was weary with the problems in electric power, and moved to flight control applications since they appeared more exciting,” says Shrikant.

A control engineer’s work involves studying the application domain (like aerospace), building mathematical models of physical and engineering systems which are used to develop control and signal processing algorithms for these systems. He is part of the team that conceptualizes prototypes to build technologically advanced future products. “Honeywell’s navigation and control products have wide applications beyond commercial aviation. And these opportunities enable us to get back to the drawing board, understand new aspects in technology and learn continuously,” he says.

According to Shrikant, being recognized as a Fellow is a privilege and a great responsibility. As a recognized technical expert, he spends time studying problems outside his work and exploring new avenues of learning. He believes in interacting with peers outside the organization and feels it is crucial to do so to identify new areas of opportunity. With more than 20 research papers to his name, Shrikant’s body of work is evidence of his position in the Indian scientific community.

“You need to be creative, yet organized, to develop innovative and useful technology solutions. Innovation is necessary in business, and if it is used well and has the potential commercial value backed by a robust engineering capability, it has the ability to make the world smarter, more secure, connected and productive. This is what we have been able to achieve at Honeywell Technology Solutions while working with cross-cultural and multi-dimensional teams,” says Shrikant.

He also feels that there is a need to foster creativity, especially among young engineers, to continue to lead the industry via our connected technology portfolio.

Manisha Khosla Sinha

Manisha Khosla Sinha

Communications Leader—India, Honeywell Technology Solutions

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