Rocking the Power of Connected World Tour

June 7, 2017 | Author: Erica Brinker

I’ve never been in a rock band, but with the launch of the Power of Connected World Tour earlier this month, I got a little taste of what it must be like.

A group of about 15 of us took off from our Phoenix Aerospace headquarters on May 30 and flew to two cities in two days. The goal, of course, was to show off the amazing capabilities of our B757 Connected Aircraft to media and customers. It wasn’t quite to the scale of performing in front of 80,000 screaming fans, but it was thrilling in its own right.

As we took off from Phoenix to San Francisco, we decided to give the world a sneak peak of our flying test bed. We hosted a Facebook Live broadcast that was seen by more than 100,000 people, including Honeywell employees from across the globe. We also launched, where fans can follow along with the plane wherever it goes on tour.

While fans follow along from afar, every rock star needs to check in at home too. For me, travel can be tough, so for this first leg of the trip I used FaceTime to talk with my two-year-old daughter as we made our way to the Bay Area.

The next morning in San Francisco it was time to take the proverbial stage. Kristin Slyker, vice president of Connected Aircraft, played the role of lead singer as she explained advantages of the connected aircraft to a group of about 10 reporters. While up in the air, these media members Facetimed with family, watched a little Netflix and asked plenty of questions about all the technology on the plane. Daniel Terdiman, a reporter with Fast Company who came along for the ride, wrote about his flight and several of our new products in his story. Grant Martin, a reporter from Skift, also wrote about his experience. Practically all of the reporters were taking selfies or hosting live video to show off their experience.

As we wrapped up the stop in San Francisco, I learned a valuable lesson. When the flight crew is ready to go on to the next stop, they are really ready to go! Not long after our test flight ended, they were closing the doors to head to Dallas. We barely made the flight!

After enjoying some of the best BBQ Dallas had to offer that night, we were up bright and early to get to Love Field and meet a new crop of reporters. This time the spotlight was on myself and product marketing manager Nathan Turner to sing the praises of the Connected Aircraft. Two of the reporters that joined us in Dallas were also pilots, and they were particularly interested in GoDirect Flight Preview and GoDirect Fuel Efficiency. One was Cody Diamond from Airways Magazine, who already published his story. Another reporter on the flight exclaimed that it was the fastest connection he had ever seen – and no interruptions in service!

These first few whirlwind days were just the start of a tour that will run all summer and span the globe. After a busy stop in New York, we’re off soon to London and then Paris for the world’s biggest air show. From there we’ll hit several cities in Asia and the Middle East before wrapping up the tour this fall.

I’m not sure if I’m cut out for the rock star life of traveling the globe and hitting a new city every day, but I am sure of one thing. All that travel is a lot more enjoyable with high-speed Wi-Fi onboard. I have no plans to change careers and start a band, but with this high-speed connectivity when I travel, I’ll still be able to stream my favorite karaoke app and sing some hits by Cher. I’m sure my seatmates won’t mind.

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You can watch the Today Show video here!

Erica Brinker

Erica Brinker

Erica Brinker is the senior director of business development for services & connectivity business.

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