GoDirect to Paris with Help from Honeywell

June 18, 2017 | Author: Lindsay Takemoto

Destination Paris. Hundreds of airline and business-jet pilots will soon set a course for the French capital, site of the 2017 Paris Air Show and the year’s largest gathering of the global aviation community.

Honeywell Aerospace will be flying with them in so many ways. For starters, our products are all over today’s aircraft. We use the phrase “nose-to-tail” to describe our ubiquitous presence and we even repainted our Boeing 757 flying testbed to highlight some of the ways we improve the flying experience.

The age of the Connected Aircraft is upon us and nobody knows more than Honeywell about using the power of software, Wi-Fi and the internet to make air travel safer, more comfortable and more efficient. Take our one-of-kind GoDirect platform, which includes services and applications that benefit flight crews, maintenance teams, passengers and operators.

Pilots absolutely love our Weather Information Service, an innovative electronic flight bag application that puts the latest weather information at their fingertips. Instead of relying on preflight weather charts, which could be hours old, the app gives flight crews real-time information so they can avoid severe weather and turbulence along their planned route, treating their passengers to a safer, more comfortable flight.

We’re constantly working to improve the Weather Information Service app. We’re getting ready to release a new version that will let airline pilots download weather data directly from their online network and will let dispatchers see the same data as pilots, to improve communication and coordination.

Reducing fuel consumption is a top priority for the airlines and Honeywell is there to help with our GoDirect Fuel Efficiency solution. It gathers data from all airline systems and matches it to aircraft flight data to provide unrivaled depth and speed when analyzing fuel-saving opportunities. The system integrates with airline briefing system to export custom reports and pilot briefings making these directly available to pilots on their EFB’s. More than 30 airlines are already using the solution and are saving between 2-5 percent of their annual fuel costs – amounting to millions of dollars.

Whether they’re flying to Paris or just across the state, business jet passengers expect to experience seamless inflight Wi-Fi to stay productive and entertained. That’s just what they get with Honeywell – the leader in providing the full Connected Aircraft experience. It all starts with Honeywell’s JetWave high-speed satellite communications system, which exclusively powers Inmarsat’s GX Aviation service, and it’s complemented by GoDirect services and applications that establish and maintain reliable connections – even at 30,000 feet over the Atlantic.

Our GoDirect Satcom Toolkit and GoDirect Satcom Network apps are great examples. GoDirect Satcom Toolkit makes it easy for maintenance techs to troubleshoot the onboard satcom system and router by downloading information to their smartphone or tablet. GoDirect Satcom Network lets cabin crews and passengers check internet status and identify and solve connectivity problems inflight. Together, these apps make it easier for operators to provide VIP passengers with the quality connectivity they want and deserve.

On-time performance is a critical airline measure and the last thing carriers want is to be slowed down by a mechanical problem. We’re helping there, too, with our GoDirect Connected Maintenance Services. The service helps airlines improve auxiliary power unit availability by identifying potential issues before they become problems. We continuously monitor APUs and, if we detect a fault, we alert the airline operations team three days before the predicted failure so the team can take action to replace or repair the component. Trials of the service have resulted in a 35 percent reduction in delays due to an inoperative APU.

We’d love to tell you more about the Connected Aircraft and how Honeywell’s GoDirect services are making life easier for operators, flight crews and maintenance teams and are improving the flying experience for airline and business jet passengers. If you can, stop by and see us in Paris – we’d love to give you a demonstration – or you can visit us online, without even packing a bag!

Lindsay Norman

Lindsay Takemoto

Lindsay Takemoto is a Senior Specialist in the Marcom division of Honeywell Aerospace. She joined Honeywell in August of 2015 and has a background in communications, digital marketing and social media. Previous roles include destination marketing and healthcare communications. She studied at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University.

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