Power of Connected World Tour delivers big wins in both sales, media coverage

July 28, 2017 | Author: Adam Kress

It’s one thing to talk about the “Power of Connected,” but it’s an entirely different thing to demonstrate it live at 30,000 feet to curious prospects and skeptical reporters.

That’s exactly what we did during June and July of this year, as the Power of Connected World Tour rocked 33 cities across the globe to showcase everything Honeywell does to make aircraft smarter, safer and more efficient than ever before.

Our B757 test aircraft logged more than 160 hours in the air during those two months, and there was rarely an empty seat onboard our 21 official sales or media demonstrations. More than 150 customers took a ride, as well as close to 100 members of the media. They all experienced the capabilities of the Connected Aircraft -- from JetWave powered by GX Aviation to connected apps like GoDirect Weather and GoDirect Fuel Efficiency.

Now that the 757 is back in home in Phoenix and the tour has wrapped up, we’re starting to see how successful the tour was, and how it’s helping grow our business.

“We’ve seen over $11 million in new business with customers around the world, and our pipeline has expanded by over 30 percent just in the time of the tour,” said VP of Connected Aircraft Kristin Slyker. “Since the tour began -- in all seriousness -- I have yet to have a conversation with a customer, supplier or competitor where the Connected Aircraft and our tour didn’t come up, and it’s been in a very positive light.”

Erica Brinker, Senior Director of Business Development, GoDirect Services & Connectivity, was an integral part of making the tour a success. She also had one of the tour’s more stressful if rewarding experiences by appearing live on national television.

“Having worked on JetWave messaging for the past five years, I was so incredibly proud to see the hardware enabling the live broadcast of NBC’s Today show,” she said. “It was amazing to see the vision come to life.”

Nate Turner is a pilot and Honeywell product manager for several of the GoDirect family of apps that were demonstrated on the tour. He took time in a handful of cities to explain the Connected Aircraft story to media, but one of his favorite moments was personal.

“I was able to FaceTime my kids from the air,” he said. “My three-year-old daughter saw the clouds behind me, and she was so excited she dropped the phone!”

His experience connecting in flight was common among those who flew on the tour.

Power of Connected

“I’ve never seen adults so excited to connect to Wi-Fi. Everyone had to try out a video chat with someone on the ground. Every single person’s face lit up as soon as the call connected – astonished that they could have a video chat at 20,000 feet.”

While the media attention during the tour exceeded expectations, Brinker said one of the most rewarding things for her was to see customers (and potential customers) truly come to understand how our connected technologies can help their business.

“Customers now better understand how Honeywell is uniquely positioned to be the Connected Aircraft leader,” she explained. “Because of our immense install base across so many platforms, plus our growing software and analytics capabilities, we understand aircraft better than our competitors and can provide better value to our customers. Customers responded well to this message, and want to continue to hear more and buy more form Honeywell.”

Our sincerest thanks to the thousands of people at Honeywell who helped make this tour a success. You rocked it!

Adam Kress

Adam Kress

Sr. Manager, External Communications