Meet Aerospace Engineer Elsa Sebastian, Spreading Her Wings to Make Air Travel Safer

July 26, 2017 | Author: Arnab Sarkar

 Elsa Sebastian

Elsa Sebastian, Engineering Manager at Honeywell Technology Solutions, is one of those versatile engineers at our Aerospace business who solve and answer the modern challenges of cockpit displays for multiple business jet customers by leveraging technology and innovation. Elsa believes engineering plays a very positive role across all areas of our everyday lives and is an important way to contribute to society and protect the environment. In her leisure time, she likes to garden, which she says makes her happier, healthier and more confident.

Over her 13 years with Honeywell, Elsa’s key strengths have been understanding customer needs and delivering value while always keeping an innovative and creative mindset for product and solution design. Her commendable work on cockpit display systems for the Aerospace business has earned her two U.S. patents.

She says, “I am proud to be associated with an organization like Honeywell, which is blending physical products with software solutions to link people and businesses to the information they need to be more efficient, more productive and more connected. It has been an inspiring and rewarding experience working with the minds that have created and developed some of the world’s cutting-edge technological products.”

Navigation, cockpit display and flight management systems are avionics solutions that provide differentiation and help manufacturers design aircraft that can go anywhere, anytime and for less. Elsa takes particular pride in helping develop Honeywell avionics systems which make air travel safer.

Elsa works on designing and developing innovative cockpit display products systems that enable smoother flight operations for business jets. One is Primus Apex Inertial Navigation (INAV), which gives pilots complete strategic and tactical flight planning. Its intuitive navigation and patented Graphical Flight Planning (GFP) functionality allow pilots to modify flight plans quickly and safely, and monitor weather, terrain and air traffic. INAV is also the industry’s first system that allows simultaneous display of traffic, terrain, airspace, airways, airports and navigation aids.

Elsa believes innovation thrives when there is a focus on systematic learning and study to bring value-added solutions. “Thinking differently,” she says, “and coming up with new ideas, translating ideas into products/solutions with quantifiable productivity benefits that customers will pay for is what innovation is all about.”

Arnab Sarkar

Arnab Sarkar

Arnab Sarkar is the Communication Leader for Aerospace at Honeywell Technology Solutions, India.

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