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February 8, 2017 | Author: Theresa Hartzell


Today we pull pitch as we join our rotorhead colleagues and take our acronym blog for a spin.

Translation: we’re going to talk about helicopters—specifically, how to keep them safe and reliable while reducing operational and maintenance costs.

HUMS stands for Health and Usage Monitoring System and represents a new standard in diagnostic technology for helicopter maintenance to provide optimum performance.

This technology is part of what’s called aircraft condition-based maintenance (CBM) that provides critical component diagnosis and prognosis and can give real-time alerts, saving maintenance crews valuable time in troubleshooting and doing aircraft diagnostics.

Essentially, HUMS sensors and its embedded diagnostic software monitor and communicate the health and maintenance needs of critical components.

The system delivers specific, OEM-recommended maintenance actions to maintenance teams for rotor smoothing, engines, gearboxes and the entire drive train that can dramatically increase aircraft availability and readiness. 

HUMS enhances safety through early detection of mechanical faults, preventing catastrophic failures.

Now consider the benefits cost-wise:

  • Reduces maintenance man-hours
  • Enhances real time monitoring when paired with Sky Connect mission management system
  • Increases aircraft availability
  • Reduces total cost of aircraft ownership
  • Enables quick access to usable data
  • Small data files allow quicker downloads

There’s no question that helicopter operators are looking for critical component diagnostics for safety and reliability as well as to reduce operating costs. And Honeywell’s Vibration Monitoring and Health Usage and Monitoring System provides the range of diagnostic tools required to keep their aircraft operating at optimum performance. 

Visit the Honeywell HUMS page for more information on this innovative technology that is applicable to more than 65 helicopter platforms.

Theresa Hartzell

Theresa Hartzell

Theresa Hartzell is a Marketing Communications Specialist for the Defense & Space business with Honeywell Aerospace. She came to the marketing communications department from the Business and General Aviation business. She has a degree from Hanover College.

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