An invisible force for good!

February 27, 2017 | Author: Nick Maynard

You know what gets me about working for Honeywell – our products and solutions are everywhere and yet you often can’t see them. I tell my friends and family that I work for Honeywell Aerospace and try and explain some of the amazing technology we develop – yet we live in such a brand-centric society that if people can’t see the label or the logo, it simply isn’t there and doesn’t exist.

I feel particularly sorry for people who sit next to me on an airplane as I explain Honeywell has products throughout the aircraft (fortunately in my case this is usually an Emirates A380 – though, less fortunately, I’m seated in Economy!) making it safer and more efficient. But again I hit the brick wall of understanding because the products are hidden within the workings of the aircraft or secured behind the cockpit door – though even then you won’t generally find a Honeywell logo.

Honeywell can lay claim to a number of innovations that have shaped and advanced the aerospace industry. These include the first autopilot in 1914, the first commercial weather radar system in 1954 (and more recently the first 3D weather radar), the first ground proximity warning system (1960s) – an innovation that is credited with saving thousands of lives – and the first fly-by-wire, all-electronic flight control system.

Innovation is in our DNA, and today, more than 100 years after our first breakthrough technology, we’re still leading the industry and enhancing flight safety, efficiency, productivity and connectivity.

Take, for example, JetWave, a satellite communications solution which delivers fast, seamless and reliable “home equivalent” Wi-Fi connectivity at 35,000 ft. Or how about some of the software services, solutions and applications that are transforming the way people communicate on and with an aircraft today and in the future — making the business of flying safer, more productive and more entertaining.

I invite you to take a journey with Honeywell Aerospace to discover just a few of our latest innovations. And next time you take your own journey, think for a moment about all the ways Honeywell is working to make your journey safer, more enjoyable and more comfortable. Just don’t expect to see a logo anywhere – we are an invisible force for good!

Nick Maynard

Nick Maynard

Marketing Communications Manager