How a STEM Caucus Led Me to the White House

April 5, 2017 | Author: Sage Foreman

A lot of people wouldn’t think a 13-year old student from Arizona could make much of a difference for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) students around the U.S. but those people have never met me.

Hi, I am Sage Foreman and in 2016 I was a part of Honeywell’s first Chief Science Officer (CSO) cabinet meeting. I had no idea that conference would change my life in such a monumental way. Thanks to my experiences at that amazing hands-on event, I was inspired to create a program that got all the way to former President Barack Obama’s desk in Washington, D.C.


You see, when I was at the Honeywell CSO meeting, my eyes were opened to the possibilities a STEM education and career could provide for a kid like me. I was always interested in science and math but the CSO experience helped me meet Honeywell engineers and see aircraft products and systems like the TFE731 engine and auxiliary power unit up close. It gave me a completely new appreciation for what these innovators do every day. Getting to see a 3D printer in action and trying virtual reality goggles was exciting and inspiring.

Being part of the inaugural CSO event exceeded my expectations and really changed the way I viewed STEM learning. I absorbed so much during this field trip that I decided all students in middle school and high school should have this kind of opportunity. Meeting scientists in their field and learning about the interesting work technology companies are doing was awesome. This was my motivation to pitch a National Technology Field Trip Day to the White House.

In October, I went to the White House as one of 11 Kid Science Advisors from across the U.S. I could not believe this was my life. It actually didn’t sink in that I got to meet the president until the next day. I was in shock that I was in Washington, D.C., making a difference for future inventors and scientists.

While at the White House, I talked about the growing gap between the number of qualified applicants for all the jobs available in technology fields. I believe part of the problem is simply that students are not aware of the types of technology jobs that exist. National Technology Field Trip Day is a potential solution that would help ensure students are aware of technology career choices and the education and training required to be hired.

When I was at the White House, a staff member told me that of all the ideas presented, mine had the greatest likelihood of coming to fruition. What an honor!

The first National Technology Field Trip Day is being tested this month in Arizona. We have more than 1,000 students spending the day with some of the best technological minds in the state. Participants will visit local companies to learn about real-world careers in technology.

I am so proud that I was able to present my program to the White House and that it is being rolled out in Arizona this spring. I could not have done this without Honeywell’s guidance and inspiration and for that, I will always be grateful!

Sage Foreman

Sage Foreman

Sage desires to bring more STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) into his school and to inspire others to be their best by being a positive role model. He considers himself an ambassador where he can help to bridge the gap between the business communities and the student community to create new partnerships and opportunities for both.

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  • Carrie Sinclair

    I am so impressed, Sage. You are so well-spoken. I know great things will happen in your life and career. Thank you for sharing your story here.

  • Andrés Salgado

    So inspiring!

  • Pavankumar


  • Tracey Austin

    Very inspiring message! Congratulations on a great honor. Have your school look into "Project Lead the Way". We implemented that STEM program in our Middle & High School and it has generated all kinds of opportunities to not only hear from people in those careers, but to work with professors, inventors, engineers, etc in those fields at Cornell University. The possibilities are endless! Good Luck!!