Honeywell Brno (Czech Republic) Expands Additive Manufacturing Facility

September 14, 2016 | Author: Milan Paluzga

Honeywell development center located in Brno, Czech Republic employs more than 1,800 engineers working in the areas of development for the Automatic Control Solutions and the Aerospace / Transportation Systems organizations.

The additive manufacturing facility in Brno is quickly maturing into an element of the business that supports both external and internal customers.

The facility just installed a new EOS M400 which will provide a larger build area than the machines currently installed in Brno.

On a daily basis, the facility fuses materials commonly used in aerospace and automotive products.

Additive Manufacturing

Photo of EOS M400 and M280 installed in Brno.

Brno Excels in Post Build Processing:

The employees at Brno have developed excellent post build processing. The facility has installed and successfully implemented multiple post build equipment such as CNC machining centers.

The facility provides TIG/Mag welding to each of their customers. Complete processing is what Brno offers; printing, machining and inspection are all areas mastered by the employees in Brno.

Additive Manufacturing

Mazak Machining Center in Brno

Additive ManufacturingThe Brno facility has the ability to provide prototypes to its customers with reduced lead times which enables Honeywell to gain additional European business opportunities.

Photo of Exhaust Manifold that was printed and saved 9 weeks in schedule

Milan Paluzga

Milan Paluzga

Milan Paluzga is an Engineering Program Manager for Additive Manufacturing.

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