Additive Manufacturing is Speeding New Turbocharger Designs into Testing

September 8, 2016 | Author: Yathiraj Kasal

Honeywell is working to adapt additive manufacturing techniques to quickly customize turbocharger prototypes for various automobile platforms.

By using additive manufacturing technology’s incremental printing techniques, Honeywell is achieving the rapid design customization that’s key to success. Many turbochargers have a standard volute construction, but other specifics – such as the interface with powertrain components and packaging limitations of an auto’s engine compartment – can vary by customer platform.

To respond quickly with a working prototype for performance evaluation, it’s critical to reduce prototype lead time. Conventional lead time for a cast turbine housing is 10 to 12 weeks.

A Honeywell team in Bengaluru is working on a new turbine housing that reuses the bulk of the housing from an existing production part but targets specific areas for additive manufacturing customization.

This will enable application teams to start with conventionally cast standard production parts, but they can create specific features using additive manufacturing technology for different end applications.

Proof-of-concept has been demonstrated by customizing the inlet and discharge of a compressor housing and turbine housing of a turbocharger.

Now teams are continuing their work to ensure joints formed in this manner provide the required durability.

The desired result of this additive manufacturing customization: Increasingly rapid response to new product opportunities.
Standard Turbocharger Turbine Housing in Fixture
Standard Turbocharger Turbine Housing 
in Fixture 
prior to placing in 3D printer
Unique Adaptor Printed on top of Turbine Housing 
Unique Adaptor Printed on top of
Turbine Housing
Side View of Turbine Housing
Side View of Turbine Housing
after 3D printing
Finished Housing with 3D Printed Adaptor
Finished Housing
with 3D Printed Adaptor


Yathiraj Kasal

Yathiraj Kasal

Yathiraj Kasal is the Additive Manufacturing Project Lead for Honeywell in Bengaluru, India.