Automation and Entertainment in Your Living Room and Your Aircraft

October 18, 2016 | Author: Jeremy Dingman

If you’re like me, you probably spend most of your downtime sitting in front of your TV catching up on your favorite shows … or watching cat videos. And to complement your viewing experience, you’ve “automated” your home so that you don’t have to get off the couch to dim your lights, lock your doors or adjust the temperature of the room you’re in – you do it all from the convenience of your smartphone.

As a global company with businesses in consumer home and aerospace solutions, Honeywell is able to utilize this technology to support its highly-rated automated solutions, and its in-flight cabin management/cabin entertainment system, Honeywell Ovation™ Select cabin management system. This way, business jet owners can take the same level of comfort from their home with them, adding a new level of functionality to their aircraft for everyone to enjoy.

Cabin Management System

Honeywell’s Ovation™ Select cabin management system was built to save business travelers and their passengers a great deal of time and footwork while en route to their destination.

In fact, Honeywell Ovation™ Select cabin management system integrates with your current smartphone, so you don’t have to add to or replace your existing controls. This gives you more time to focus on what is in front of you and allows everyone to control their experience right from the comfort of their seat. Plus, this system was designed to give owners the flexibility to add the latest technological features and functionality; not to mention, it works seamlessly with all of Honeywell’s in-flight connectivity solutions. Control your lighting, seating, temperature, galley and window shades anywhere in the aircraft with your mobile device or an at-seat personal control unit (PCU).

Additionally, Honeywell’s automated controls make it easier for teams to work together on trips, saving businesses the time and resources they can’t afford to lose in-flight. Now this is automation at 40,000 feet.

Cabin Entertainment System

Many business jet travelers already know Honeywell Ovation™ Select cabin management system for its highly intuitive cabin entertainment system…and it’s no surprise. As a leader in connected aircraft products and services, Honeywell Ovation™ Select cabin management system allows travelers to customize their cabin entertainment system with state-of-art displays, streaming devices and surround sound systems so their experience is exactly the same from living room to the cabin.

If you’re one of the many business jet owners still playing movies from a VCR or getting out of your seat to do the simple things in life that have been automated for us for years, it’s time to upgrade and give automation a chance – I promise it’s much more comfortable.

Jeremy Dingman

Jeremy Dingman

Jeremy Dingman is the Senior Manager of Marketing for Honeywell’s HGuide Inertial Sensor and Navigation business and UAV Inspection Services business. Jeremy joined Honeywell in 2015 and has worked in e-commerce, channel marketing, digital marketing, copy-writing and web development.

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