Inflight Wi-Fi Lets the Cats Out of Your Bag

November 10, 2016 | Author: Jenna Rodriguez


Cat videos are an internet staple, accounting for millions of hits on YouTube alone. But even the most passionate feline fanatics find themselves going through whiskers-withdrawal when they climb onto a commercial airliner or business jet. That’s because most aircraft don’t have reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi and the kind of connection that enables streaming video.

But all that is changing thanks to the Honeywell JetWave satellite communications hardware and the groundbreaking Inmarsat Global Xpress network for airliners and Jet ConneX network for business aircraft.

The GX Aviation and Jet ConneX Ka-band network transforms the connected aircraft experience by offering on-board connectivity that is reliable, high-speed and on par with broadband available on the ground – at 40,000 feet and on flight routes worldwide.

The network lets you download large files, participate in online videoconferencing and perform all kinds of other tasks so you don’t have to stop doing business just because you’re flying from Point A to Point B. It also opens up a whole new world of entertainment options. So if you want stream video of a cat playing the piano … who are we to judge?

Jenna Rodriguez

Jenna Rodriguez

Jenna Rodriguez is a Digital Marketing Communications Specialist at Honeywell Aerospace. She specializes in visual communications through, but not limited to, design, branding and video production.

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