Are You Connected Now?

November 8, 2016 | Author: Jenna Rodriguez


Buckle your seatbelt, turn off your laptop, tablet or smartphone, and climb into the cone of silence for hours at a time. Miss an important client videoconference. Wait hours before downloading that critical report. Be the last to know about the big organization change (or what’s happening on Game of Thrones). And forget about Facetiming with your kid before the big game.

It seems like flying on an airliner or business jet is just about the only place where reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi hasn’t been available. Until now.

The fully connected aircraft is here. The new inflight Wi-Fi experience is so good it will remind you of the connectivity you have at your home and office. You can videoconference, transfer large files, surf the net, stream videos and do anything else you can do on the ground – all at 40,000 feet on flight routes worldwide.

And it’s all thanks to Honeywell JetWave satellite communications hardware that connects aircraft to the groundbreaking Inmarsat GX Aviation satellite Ka-band communications network for airliners and the Jet ConneX network for business aircraft.

Are you connected now? You bet!

Jenna Rodriguez

Jenna Rodriguez

Jenna Rodriguez is a Digital Marketing Communications Specialist at Honeywell Aerospace. She specializes in visual communications through, but not limited to, design, branding and video production.

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