Africa the New Frontier

November 21, 2016 | Author: Julie Curtis

In September Honeywell Aerospace attended Africa Aerospace and Defense show at Waterkloof Air Base, Centurion, Johannesburg, South Africa. I’d heard so much about Africa being a high growth region, that I took the opportunity to find out, was it really the new frontier?

The show is a mix of both the Defense and Commercial side of the business, with tanks, fighter jets and helicopters alongside business jets. There was a very cool military display with tanks and helicopters which made me think about our TALIN product as they fired the guns on the tanks. The tactical helicopters’ manoeuvres could certainly have used our Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS) to avoid collisions. As I walked around the show it looked like there was business opportunities for Honeywell on several platforms. But rather than take my word for it, I caught up with Rudolph Louw, our Aerospace Leader for Africa to ask him a couple of questions.

What types of products, services, are our main opportunity in the region?

On the defense side, our comprehensive suite of military offerings such as C-130 upgrades which include cockpit, HUMS and other retrofits, modifications and upgrades ensure that the regions armed forces are able to keep these workhorse aircraft mission ready and at peak performance. We also have a very attractive suite of helicopter upgrades such as the LTS101 engine upgrade for hot and high operations which of course suits Africa very nicely. Our next generation connectivity solutions such as Aspire 200 for rotary-wing aircraft, JetWave for fixed-wing aircraft and our Air Traffic management solutions are also in demand.

On the commercial side aviation safety remains high on the agenda and our suite of solutions ranging from TCAS, Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System EGPWS, Ground Based Augmentation System GBAS, SmartRunway and Smartlanding and IntuVue, our advanced weather radar, offer a wide-range of safety – related solutions for aviation on the continent.

What has been the response from customers?

Customers and other interested parties are always surprised at both the breadth and depth of Honeywell’s products and services – with products on almost every type of military and commercial aircraft and helicopter in operation. We have seen and experienced significant interest from a variety of customers from across the spectrum – airlines, regional operators, business and general aviation and military customers alike. They are especially interested in our military upgrades, safety-related solutions and also our exciting new family of high-speed connectivity solutions. For South Africa specifically we believe our avionics, HUMS and other products offer great opportunity for key helicopters such as the very capable Rooivalk and its anticipated upgrade Oryx and also selected land-based systems which we are exploring currently.

How will attending this show help boost our business in Africa?

This is the 2nd AAD event that Honeywell has attended, and we see it as a great opportunity to further inform our customers and the public about Honeywell as a global aviation company with a proud history of break-through innovation and safety related solutions.

Besides having a prominent presence we have a number of focused engagements with key industry players and stakeholders to explore a host of opportunities. We are also very pleased to have James Bryson here, our President of Honeywell Aerospace: EMEAI, along with some of his senior staff which again confirms our serious intent with Africa as an aerospace continent. James specifically made time to support the local Aero team in order to actively pursue mutually beneficial collaboration initiatives with local industry and to get insight into the localization requirements and capabilities.

Africa the New FrontierWhat is one thing that has surprised you about being at the show?

I have to say that the warm reception and collaborative spirit we keep on receiving from our customer base and others, without exception, is really encouraging and re-affirming our strategic intent to invest in Africa as a high growth region. We really look forward to being a part of African aviation growth and history in the making.

So as I stood to take a picture under the massive transformer, Honeywell Aerospace is certainly in for some exciting times as we explore this new frontier called Africa.

Julie Curtis

Julie Curtis

Julie is a Senior Marketing Specialist in the Defense and Space division of Honeywell Aerospace covering EMEAI (Europe, Middle East, Africa and India) region. Julie joined Honeywell in May 2011 and has a background in events, marketing and public relations in the technology industry. She is based in our Dubai office in the Middle East.

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