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May 4, 2015 | Author: Donald Godfrey

May 17, 2016, Honeywell will be presenting a white paper at the RAPID Conference titled "Optimizing Electron Beam Melting (EBM) Alloy 718 Material for Aerospace Components".  This paper was co-authored by Dr. Francisco Medina of Edison Welding Institute (EWI); and Dr. Nanu Menon, Brian Baughman, and Donald Godfrey of Honeywell Aerospace.

EBM additive manufacturing process builds complex parts out of metal powders within a high temperature and vacuum environment.  EBM has been used in final production for many years, and more than 50,000 EBM-built devices have been implanted for the medical industry.  In recent years EBM has started to gain momentum in the aerospace industry to manufacture production components.  In order to expand the EBM market, new materials such as Alloy 718 have been developed and characterized in the EBM technology.  Alloy 718 is a nickel-chromium-based super alloy ideal for high temperature and corrosive environments, with excellent mechanical properties at elevated temperatures.

3D printing in aerospace

Figure is of an 8 Piece Tee-Duct printed as a one-piece assembly using Alloy 718 material and the EBM Process

Development work was performed to produce a stable process for EBM of Alloy 718.  A parameter development and powder evaluation methodology was employed.  A study of various annealing temperatures showed carbide dissolution in the base microstructure was achievable.  The developed parameters were then successfully applied toward building a re-designed aerospace sheet metal component that passed nondestructive inspection tests.

This program will be explained at the RAPID Conference.  Join Honeywell and learn more about this great work.

Donald Godfrey

Donald Godfrey

Donald Godfrey is an engineering fellow at Honeywell Aerospace.

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